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Friday, 24 February 2012

A little R&R....

Candles are always part of my down time. Their warm scents create such a relaxing mood. Latley I have been favouring sweeter, warmer scents. However, in the summer I do tend to choose a fresh, upbeat, and fruity scent. I guess you can say that the candles I do choose favour the weather! Currently doing some work right now but cannot wait to go home later light a couple of candles and take a long hot bath!

Happy Friday!!

Sam xo

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Perfume Collection

Current Perfume Collection!

I am a girly girl at heart - but I don't like anything to floral or too sweet.
Pink sugar -available at Sephora if you want to have a quick sniff- is way to sweet for me and makes my stomach turn!

However, scents like Ms. Dior Cherie or (my all time favourite) The original Paris Hilton perfume play on a musky but very womanly scent. And I adore them most out of my collection!

Sam xo

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Huge Haul!

Was in the mood this weekend for some SERIOUS retail therapy!

Thought I'd share with you all my selfish indulgences. Some of these are from my wish list! But I didn't buy everything.... so that means I behaved a little bit; right?

Hope everyone had a great weekend- and an even better relaxing Family day!

Sam xo

Left to Right: Loreal Double Extend mascarra in waterproof, Loreal Double Extend mascarra, Tarte Amazonion clay blush in 'Tipsy', Wet'n'Wild lipstic in 903C (there was no name! I couldnt find it anywhere!), Bonne bell liplites lipgloss in strawberry, Revlon lipbutter in Peach Parfait, Seche Vite top Coat, Essie Nail Polishes in: Mint Candy Apple and Marabou, Double Perfection Powder by Chanel in 70 Tender Bisque and Soap and Glory's Hand Food hand cream

Swatches Top to Bottom:
Bonne Bell Liplites in Strawberry
Revlon Lipbutter in Peach Parfait
Wet 'n' Wild lipstick in 903C

Tarte Amazonian 12 hour Clay Blush in Typsy Swatched:

I needed a refill on my face cleansing products, Regular items are usually:
Clinique Clarifying Lotion both the Green and Purple bottles (however, the green bottle is for more acne prone skin types, which I unforunatley fall under... however I only use it at night to help wash away the day. I can post up a skin routine to follow this.)
Clinique pore minimizing serum
Clinique clarifying moisturizer

New items I am going to try:
I am always willing to try out a good mask - so I decided to go ahead and give this deep cleaning cucumber mask a try (they are usually available at all drugstores for around $1.00)
Origins Super Spot Remover
and Origins Stay Matte formula (a clear liquid that can be used over or under makeup to keep you looking matte all day)

A post to follow these new products will come to let you know how I feel about them.

Happy Late Valentine's Day xoxoxo

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!
Wether you spent it with friends, just hanging out or with that special someone I hope the time spent was enjoyable!!

I actually celebrated Valentines Day the weekend prior; we went away for the weekend and went to a quite pub for dinner- needless to say there was no red in my wadrobe! But my Valentine got me the funniest and sweetest thing!

A teddy bear dressed in a red sweater! Cheesy but very cute ha ha!

Sam xo

Monday, 13 February 2012

Current Wishlist - February 2012

I wouldn't consider myself a hoarder of sorts- but more of a collector; someone who like pretty new things in gorgeous shades!

Ahold a list of current things I am dying to purchase - but am refrainning myself from getting everything at once (easier said than done)!

A what's in my bag post to follow soon!


Welcome To My Blog!

Hello to anyone who stumbles on to this blog!

Get ready for some interesting beauty related obessions, and some possible other ramblings!

Looking forward to sharing!xo