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Monday, 21 May 2012

April Favs 2012

OK- so this is extremely late; but I new I had too do it! Here are my April- and to be honest May Fav's. Like I said in a recent post I haven't been using foundation, or any BB Creams since March. I'm finding them too heavy for my face- they do not stick well and end up caking on my face. Even tinted moisturizer tends to give me lovely oil build up around my nose - not cute!

There is one product I have been lusting over, and that is the Origin's BB Cream. I went to my origins counter over a month ago and the SA was showing my tones of their new products- she did get me hooked on a few things but I wasn't quite sold on the BB cream. It definitely was smooth and soft, and not cackey at all- without having tried any Asian BB Creams this one was a winner for me! Unfortunately the price tag of $40 didn't suite my fancy that day and decided to pass; but ever since then I have been wondering... what if!? AH the troubles of a beauty addict!

I have recently scoured the Internet for the new MAC collection. And I must say I am disappointed! Of all the bronzer's they came out with in their line not one of them was matte- very sad. Looking at trying one of the Makeup Forever matte bronzer's- hmm there may be a Haul coming up!

Have a great week
Sam xo

Friday, 18 May 2012

Today's Details

The Sun is out! And I am going to enjoy the day! Here are my accessories for today!

Enjoy :) Sam xo

Skin Care review- long overdue!

My Day Time Skin Care:
I wash my face with Dove Bar Soap in the mornings to wash away any residue overnight. I feel like because I use such strong soaps on my face at night in the A.M my face doesn't need to be scrubbed so clean. I then use the Clinique toner to make sure everything is clear off my face. Next is to moisturise. Using a combo of the clinique anti-blemish lotion first and then the Garnier Pure Matifying Lotion. Lastly before my makeup goes on- I use the Estee Lauder Idealist pore refining serum.

Night Time Skin Care:

At Night I feel like I need to make sure the day has been scrubbed away! After taking off my makeup (I use an AVON eye make up remover) I start with the Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream; a very light exfoliant for the skin. I then help wash it away with the Biore combo skin face wash. Next step is to Tone with the Clinique acne solutions toner. Once I can feel that my face is squeaky clean I use the Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum- this stuff is incredible; I don't know why I never used it before! And lastly I use the Origins Super Spot Remover.. always on my chin and around my nose- I feel like it helps to control my acne prone skin and helps prevents blemishes. 

I also find that taking supplements has really helped improve my skin lately. Cod Liver Oil pills help the skin as well as your immune system. And to bust brain activity, as well as extra added skin care I also take Fish Oil Pills. I take both of these supplements 3x daily; recommended to take these with meals.

It's the long weekend in Canada! Hope everyone has a great May 2-4! Enjoy the fireworks and Victoria Day!

Sam xo